Trying to Keep Fit:

Photo of Karen and Andy after a dancing competion in Aberdeen

Trot that Fox

Beyond motorcycling there is only one obsession that I can heartily recommend to anyone. Brush off your felt bottomed shoes and get out on that dance floor. There aren't enough men about which means it is the best kept secret around - ladies love to dance. So come on fellas what's stopping you?

The Aberdeen scene is quite buoyant. For people who haven't tried it before there is an active Ceroc scene (ceroc is probably the most accessible, easy way to start dancing). The Salsa scene isn't as hot as it is down South but the Ballroom and Latin scene is really good. The companies in Aberdeen have been taking part in a competition called the Corporate Decathalon for the past four years or so and this has led to a lot of new people having a go.

For three years I've been going to George and Anne Callander's social classes. George is a great class teacher who laces his lessons with humour. Highly recommended.

In London the school I've attended for more years than I care to remember is Central London Dance which is situated on Blandford Street (under the Catholic Church). It is a tiny studio with a special atmosphere run by Mr Vernon Kemp. The teaching there is of a very high standard.